Are Home Buying Companies Going to Scam Me?

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, a pit of dread is most likely forming in your stomach. Selling your house is not an easy process, and you may be looking for any way to make it easier on yourself. Read on to learn how home buying companies can help you sell your home quickly and easily.

How the Process Differs

Even if you’ve never sold your home before, you’re likely familiar with the process of doing so. However, when you sell your home to a home buying company, the process differs quite a bit. The main steps of the process are the same, but things have been simplified and expedited to make things easier for you. Traditionally, the first step in selling your home would be to hire a real estate agent and list the home on a real estate website. Then, you’d wait for buyers to come to you. When you sell to a home buying company, to speed things along, you skip these steps and instead request an offer directly from the buyer (or, in this case, the home buying company in your area). Then, within 24 hours, you’ll get a cash offer on your home. If you choose to accept the offer, you can close immediately.

What is a Home Buying Company

If you’ve never worked with a home buying company before, the idea of selling your home in a new way can be frightening. Your home is an incredibly valuable asset, and it’s a big thing to trust with an unknown buyer. These companies are locally run, family-owned real estate investment companies. This means that families in your area created them to help expand your community and make home selling more accessible. When you sell your home to one of these companies, they’ll then fix any issues with the home, and rent or resell it to another family. Because their process works this way, you’ll never have to do any repairs or updates on your home yourself before selling it.

How it Benefits You

Even now that you know how legitimate home buying companies are, you may still need a good, convincing reason to sell your home to them. Not only does this method of selling your home help your community, it’s also beneficial to you. It’s already been established that when you sell your home to a home buying company, you can sell as-is and have a much simpler process. However, in addition to these benefits, you’re also able to save thousands of dollars and months of your time. You can sell in days, at no cost to you, and avoid any commissions and fees altogether.

If the idea of selling your home for cash makes you wary, you’re not alone. The idea of getting a wad of cash for your home can feel too good to be true. However, home buying companies are truly innovative, legitimate businesses that want to help you sell your home as quickly and effectively as possible.

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